Weekly Study

With God

1 Kings 1-2 tells the story of passing of the throne from David to his son Solomon. However, the story does not happen that easily. The story begins with David on his death bed and one of his sons seeing an opportunity to take a shot at the throne. He begins gaining the support of some of David’s supporters but is not able to convince them all. He is even going through the practices that are common with the anointing of a new king. While all of this is happening David is completely unaware. That is until the prophet Nathan and Bathsheba (Solomon’s mother) bring this to David’s attention and remind him of his promise to have Solomon be his successor. David, with the little energy he has left, makes the decree that Solomon will be king. He has Solomon anointed, puts him on his own mule, has the trumpets blown, and then has Solomon sit on his throne. This is all happening as Adonijah and his supporters are celebrating what they think is their ascent to power. This could not be further from the truth and the story ends with Solomon on the throne as king, fully established by God, and those who sought to steal the throne punished for their treason against David and God.

One of the morals of this story is that one potential king was working with the Lord and for his plans while the others was working with his own, personal goals in mind. The one who worked alongside the Lord ultimately won out and the one who was working against the Lord ended up dead. Now I’m not saying that if you do not choose God and his plans today that you will drop dead. However, when death does come only those who have lived for God and His mission will enjoy eternity. We are all going to be give multiple opportunities to choose our own desires and plans or choose God and we must make a choice. The story of Solomon and Adonijah shows the outcomes of both paths. Therefore, I encourage each and everyone of you that reads this to choose God for while that path may not seem desirable in the here and now, the future outcomes that it brings, that it promises, are exponentially greater than anything this world can offer.

As you consider this story and its morals and teaching points think on and discuss theses questions:

  1. Have you been choosing God when faced with a choice between God or yourself/the world?
  2. How can you choose God and His kingdom today?
  3. What opportunities do you have to do God’s work (in school, in your homes, with your friends, etc.)?

I pray that all of you desire to live for God and further His work in this world. Choosing God is not always the easiest or most fun thing to do. Many of your peers are probably not choosing Him. But I promise you that when you choose God you are choosing great joy, peace, love and eternity with God and Christ.