Weekly Study

What makes it all worth it?

Our Christian faith is amazing. It can and does do amazing things. It brings light into the world and helps to bring more and more people to know God. Jesus himself, the Son of God, came to this world to teach and guide us, to walk among us. The incarnation gave us the teaching we needed to focus our lives. Later, His death gave us hope that there was more beyond physical existence. That death did not have to have the final words. However, what makes this all worth it is the resurrection. Had Jesus not rose from the grave on the third day, had the boulder not been pushed aside, had the tomb not been found empty then we would have no certainty of our own resurrection. But Jesus did rise up and thus so will we. We have more than hope when it comes to our own resurrection but we know, without a glimmer of a doubt that we will rise. That death truly does not have the final word. The Resurrection brings certainty so how do we live as people knowing whats been guaranteed for us.

  1. Live by faith: this resurrection is only promised to those who truly live by faith in Jesus Christ (this means more than just claiming to be a Christian but living and breathing, speaking and acting like Christ did and would).
  2. Living a life committed to bringing this gift to others and continuing the work of Christ.
  3. Living with a renewed heart and mind and a sense of love

The resurrection brings a great sense of certainty to our lives but also requires a new way of living after we accept Christ. With knowing that, as a family discuss the importance of the resurrection and how you live a life in a post resurrected time.