I wanted to write this blog in reverence of what I have been dealing with lately. To give you guys a basic overview, I have been extremely stressed with school, jobs, relationships, and anything else going on in my life right now as I have a full plate. The thing that took me so long to figure out was how to handle all of this at once and still be happy in the midst of the battle. I think that this concept and reality won’t just come natural to anyone, and I also think that it may be one of the hardest things to comprehend and actually live out in today’s society. What I needed to learn was trust.

A key verse that I want to point out is Proverbs 3:5-6, which says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

I wanted to highlight this verse because it is actually a verse that I became very familiar with and stuck to when I fought some major battles in life. This verse speaks to me deeply because it is a clear representation of not only God’s love for us but also His will for our lives. We are the people He created, His children, and as it clearly states we and to trust Him and live out the lives that He has created and intended for us to live.

But why is this concept of trust so hard? I think that in today’s society we are extremely broken; we have completely thrown away trust and forgotten what it means to depend on one another. Because we have lost trust in one another and have “trust issues,” it has become harder for us to trust God. I understand why this is true, but what breaks me is that we, as humans, begin to distrust and lose faith in our great and mighty God just because we lose trust in the humans that surround us. When we lose trust we tend to keep to ourselves and try to do things on our own, but that’s the complete opposite of what Proverbs is saying. The writer tells us specifically NOT to lean on ourselves and our own knowledge, but to submit to God in every way possible.

Why should I submit to God? Why should I let Him in my life to take control? Why should I live out His will instead of my own? One simple truth, there is no “my will,” there is only God’s will for me. He made each and every one of us to live for Him, not for ourselves, and that is something that we need to work on, myself included! It’s hard to wrap my head around how and what it takes to fully trust God and to completely surrender to His will, but once someone who pushes Him away at a time does this, the reward is far greater than ever imagined.


– C. J.