Do you remember that Daniel Powter song? Man, I sure do. It always reminds me of the summer of my 8th grade year. My youth group was at a work camp and it was miserably hot. And I mean hot. Like really hot. I don’t know how else to get this point across to you so I will reiterate it one last time… it was hot. To make matters worse we were laying sod all day in that blistering heat that made you hate anyone who got to close to you.

Anyway, enough about the heat. Every time we would load up the vans at the end of a long work day – it never failed – “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter would come on the radio. (Side note – That song is so depressing. Why write a song that sad and yet confuse people by throwing in such a peppy melody?? I don’t know how I’m suppose to feel when I listen to it.)

When that chorus would kick in everybody was singing along and soon forgot about that miserable heat that had become our most despised enemy. That chorus often jogged our memory and reminded us why we were there. Rainbow Omega is home to 80+ men and women who have developmental disabilities. Anything we could do that week to make their homes a little prettier and out a smile on their faces was worth it. Sadly, the heat alone often made you forget about that.

Often in life we get too caught up in the heat of the day and forget about whats really important. We are blessed with opportunity to serve and lets not overlook it to focus on things that just aren’t worth it in the end. At the end of our lives we will be rewarded for our service, so lets never get tired of doing good. Not for the reward, but for the pleasure it brings our Father who is in Heaven.



Scriptures to consider:

Galatians 6:9; Ephesians 6:8; Philippians 4:4-8; Colossians 3:23-24;  Hebrew 6:10