Important Information

Parent’s Meeting Info (02/27/2022)

1. Impact is happening this year! The middle school session begins June 17 and goes through June 20. The high school session begins June 20 and goes through June 25. I hope your teen(s) are able to join us. Please let me know if you would be able to chaperone any part of this event. Also, please let me know if you have any questions and check the youth website for more information.
2. I asked all in attendance to share either in a text or an email their typical availability throughout a normal week to help chaperone events and what availability they have to attend any of our overnight events. If everyone could share this information with me that would be great. If you can include how in advance you would need to be able to take time off of work to attend any of our overnight events that would be very helpful as well.
3. A member brought an idea of having a teen directory put together so the congregation can be more familiar with our teens and get to know them better. No personal information such as phone numbers would be shared but it would include any groups, sports, etc. they are a part of as a way for our members to have conversation starters with our teens. If you are uncomfortable with having your teen in this please let me know and I will exclude them from this directory. I will send out a form later to fill out for information that will be in this directory.
4. As I mentioned above, Impact is coming this summer. With that, I ask that when there are deadlines for signing up and paying for events that we stick to those deadlines. There will be wiggle room at times for some events but an event like Impact and the way it is organized limits the ability to send someone last minute or swap someone for another.
5. If you are able and willing to host a home devotional for our youth group please let me know. The available months are May, August, September, and December.
6. Isabel Harper is helping me update our youth website. Please start using that as another resource for information. (I will continue to send out emails as well and posting them in the trailer on our white board)
7. Libby Gray will be teaching a girls class in the second quarter (April-June).
8. Brad Lister is planning men’s events and would like to invite the teen boys to attend many of these as well. The first event is tentatively scheduled for March 19th. I will send out more information as I receive it.
9. If you have any prayer requests, ideas for an event you would like to see, or how often you would like to have certain events please let me know.

I know this is a lot of information but I appreciate you reading through all of it. I look forward to continuing working with the teens and partnering with you as parents!