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I have not been the best at keeping up with posting on our website. However, during my drive to the church building this morning a thought popped into my head that I wanted to write about. Right now we are in another political season. Many of the teens I work with probably care little for who is running and who will win. But I’m sure they have seen some kind of political ad whether it was on tv or when they were getting the mail. I do not like political ads in the slightest. This is not because I do not like the man or woman the ad is supposed to supporting, nor is it because I do not care about politics. I do not like political ads, and really the entire political season, because all I see in them is hate. They ad does not advertise the politician it is supporting and it does not advertise what policies they support or hope to implement. Every ad I have seen has only attacked and thrown hatred at the opposing politician. This is why I do not like political seasons. All I see is hatred by the politicians, by their staffs, by their supporters, by people that I know are not generally hateful.

This political season is a good time to remind us what we are called to be, to do. Jesus, in John 15, commands us to love each other as He has loved us (John 15:12). This is not just a command to love, but to love in the way Christ loves us and all people. And look at how He loved. He gave up His life for all people. When His opponents would appear, He did not shower them with hate. He healed, forgave, taught, and led all out of love. His life, as detailed in the 4 Gospels, lays out the complete example of how Jesus loved and loves us. While all the hate goes around us during this current season, let us be beacons of the love of Christ. I challenge all who read this post to read the Gospels and take note of how strongly Jesus loves. May we love stronger and stronger each day.