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God is …..

For the next few weeks in our high school class we will be looking at and finishing the phrase “God is …” If we replace God in this phrase and put any number of other people, things, places, etc. we would all finish the phrase in different ways. If I started a sentence with “bowling is ….” we would get multiple statements that follow. Some would say it is a sport and some would say it is not. Some would say it is fun and some would say it is boring. Some would say it is hard and some would say it is easy. You get the point. And we could do this with so many other things. But when it comes to God, we can finish with statements that are true at all times, in all situations, for all people. For the next few weeks in class we will look at this statement and say God is: our Father, our Good Shepherd, the Holy Spirit, and the One and Only.

A quick google search of this phrase will lead you to a song by James Cleveland. Some of the lyrics to this song say “God is my protection, God is my all in all, God is my guide and direction, God is my joy in time of sorrow, God is the strength of my life.” My point in writing this post and referencing this song is the comfort that can be found in know who God is, knowing what He gives and how He blesses. The first class of on this idea is “God is our Father.” We will open with finishing the statement “my dad …” I know many people who can write awesome things about their dads to finish that statement. My wife is one of those people and through her I can say great things about my father in law. However, when I think about how I would finish that statement about my own dad my mind goes in a more negative direction as I did not have a great relationship with my dad after my parents divorce. But I find great comfort in knowing that God is my father, that He is our Father. I know my heavenly Father is present. I know my heavenly Father is loving. I know my heavenly Father pours out grace and forgiveness. I know my heavenly Father guides and directs.

Many of us in our life will come across similar situations in our lives but the experience will be different for us all. Some positive and some negative. But when it comes to our God we can find comfort in that God, as Scripture says, is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). We can find comfort in the greatness of God. I encourage everyone to get to know God and know that He will never change and will always love.