Ever since I can remember my younger brother has always loved “stuff”. Things, knick-knacks, toys, whatever he could posses – he wanted it. He was one of those kids that ran to the toy aisle and would bring back four or five things and let my parents pick out what they were going to get him. Often times my parents could not resist that “angel face” he had and would end up giving in and purchasing the thing he most desired. I believe this desire to give gifts to our children comes from God (Matt 7:11).

God has that same kind of love for His children. This is not due to our “angel faces,” but due to the unquenchable love that He has for his children. In His divine foreknowledge he knew that we would be a type of people that wanted things, so he decided to give us everything. Think about this, our planet earth is a small part of a solar system that is 7.3 billion miles across. This solar system is a little speck in the galaxy called the Milky Way which is 80,000 light years across. A light year is how far light travels in a year. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. So our galaxy is 480,000 trillion miles across. The nearest star to us, Alpha Centauri, would take us 4.3 years to get to traveling at the speed of light. The nearest neighboring galaxy would take 2.2 million years to get to at the speed of light.

There is SO MUCH out there, and we haven’t even seen it! And God has given all these things to us simply for our enjoyment. He hasn’t given us these things so that we would fall in love with the stars, but that we would come to know the one from whom these wonderful gifts flow.